Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is Kinesiology - Part 3 - Defusing Stress

3-in-1 Concepts is the branch of kinesiology that I practise. It's works by diffusing the emotional stress around an issue.  Any issue.

Stress often comes from situations where we feel our ability to make a choice has been removed or restricted in some way.  Maybe someone else's behaviour is affecting us negatively. Maybe we're in a situation that we don't like but feel we have to stay in.  Whatever the situation, if the stress is ongoing, look for the feeling of lack of choice involved.

So, by helping the client back to a feeling of choice, resolves the stress.  Sounds easy doesn't it. Well, with kinesiology, it is surprisingly easy because the muscle testing guides the session.  Stress which seems in surmountable can suddenly disappear.  There's obviously a bit more too it than waving a magic wand, but actually not a lot.

One of the things we work with is our belief systems.  Things we've put down in our memory banks as facts, when in fact they are just one particular way of looking at a situation.  Often these come from family or friends and we've taken them on subconsciously when they actually don't serve us.  Things like "I'm only a good person if I have a good job" or " I have to make sacrifices to be liked".  We can change these to more empowering ones, thus helping us to make the choices we really want.  So now the above belief systems may become "It's OK to follow my dreams" and "It's OK to put myself first".

The second thing is resolving the past. Our stress often comes from triggering the emotional  memory of past events. We obviously can't change events which have already happened, but we can change our perception of these events.  What impacts on our present lives is how we feel about our past. So by using muscle testing, we can identify the age at which the trigger for our present stress happened and defuse it.  In that way, that particular trigger can't press our buttons any more.  The amazing thing is that we don't have to have any idea of the cause before we defuse it as the session will bring up that information.

The actual defusing is done using "corrections".  More on that next time.

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